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Crestron CEN-RGBHVHB16X16 Professional High-Bandwidth RGB Matrix Switcher Tested

Crestron CEN-RGBHVHB16X16 Professional High-Bandwidth RGB Matrix Switcher Tested

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Crestron CEN-RGBHVHB16X16 Professional HB Video Switcher Tested. Condition is "Used". In good condition.

Has LAN/Ethernet and USB connectivity capabilities. Does video balancing as well as audio.

Tested-- powers on, menus function correctly.

From the manufacturer's website:

Crestron® High-Bandwidth RGB Matrix Switchers deliver extreme performance for the most demanding presentation environments. With class-leading 800 MHz bandwidth, low-crosstalk, and super wide response, the CEN-RGBHVHB16X16 easily surpasses any requirement for high-performance, high-resolution analog video and computer signal routing. Factor in its enhanced audio DSP, very low power consumption, and native Crestron system integration and you've got a solid winner for all your analog video and audio signal routing applications.

800 MHz Bandwidth Matrix Router

The CEN-RGBHVHB16X16 is capable of routing up to 16 computer or video sources to up to 16 display devices. Its five matrix levels accommodate any combination of analog RGBHV, HD/component, S-Video and composite signals. Ultra high-bandwidth and wide response ensure optimum performance for every signal as part of any AV system. Sync impedances for each input are selectable from the front panel or software to accommodate both short and long cable runs.

Glitch-free Switching

Video-follow-sync switching ensures a smooth transition when selecting between non-synchronous sources. Adjustable blanking allows each display device time to lock to the new sync signal before displaying the video image whenever a new source is selected.

Sync Detection

Sync detection on each H and V input measures the sync rates of every RGBHV source and allows their values to be viewed on the front panel display, control system touch screen, or through Fusion RV® software.

Audio Routing & DSP

Professional audio signal processing affords enhanced, high-performance audio routing and control, potentially eliminating the need for additional audio components. Each stereo output features real-time controllable volume, bass, treble, and mute controls, plus 5-band EQ with customizable presets. Programmable input level compensation helps ensure compatibility with a wide range of pro and semi-pro sources. Automatic blanking achieves a pop-free transition when switching between sources, while audio breakaway capability allows the routing of audio signals to follow video or be switched independently. The entire audio signal path has been designed from the ground up to deliver ultra quiet, distortion-free sound quality — whether feeding sensitive amplifiers, assistive listening devices, or recording and broadcast equipment.

Paging Mode

Built-in page override functionality simplifies system design, employing automatic mixing and ducking for a single audio paging source. When set to Paging Mode, an audio signal at Input Channel 16 will automatically be distributed to every output while the signals currently routed to each output are attenuated or "ducked" to allow the paging signal to be heard. The sensitivity and ducking amount are fully adjustable for smooth paging behavior and a natural transition back to the previous audio state.

Full-featured Front Panel

The CEN-RGBHVHB16X16 is fully operable out-of-the-box for use as a standalone switcher. Featuring an informative LCD display, quick-adjust knob, and quick access buttons, the front panel supports essential switcher operation without requiring a computer or control system. Advanced setup is available through Crestron Toolbox™ software. All signal routing, input impedances, and audio settings are stored in non-volatile memory onboard the switcher.

Customizable label strips are provided on the front panel for clear designation of its inputs and outputs using Crestron Engraver software or standard 3/8" tape labels. Names may also be entered through software to appear on the LCD display during operation. For security, the front panel controls can be password protected or locked out.

Crestron System Integration

Via Cresnet® or high-speed Ethernet, Crestron switchers offer the ultimate in control system integration. System programmers are provided access to every switcher function without deciphering cryptic protocols, facilitating the development of custom user controls and integration with other equipment. Up to 32 routing presets can be saved onboard for instant recall. Integration with a Crestron Control System also provides the gateway to complete enterprise management using Crestron Fusion™ software.

Key Features:

  • Ultra high-bandwidth 16 x 16 matrix switcher
  • 800 MHz video bandwidth (-3dB)
  • Incredibly wide response and low crosstalk
  • Stereo audio signal routing with breakaway
  • Audio DSP with volume, tone, and graphic EQ
  • Paging mode with automatic ducking
  • Professional balanced audio inputs and outputs
  • Audio input level compensation
  • Video input sync detection
  • Video-follow-sync switching technology
  • Adjustable video and audio blanking
  • Selectable input sync impedance on all inputs
  • LCD front panel for easy setup and standalone operation
  • Crestron® system integration via Cresnet® or Ethernet
  • Very low power consumption and a quiet fanless design
  • 6-space rack mountable
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