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Hologic Panther Automated Assay Consolidation Molecular Testing System

Hologic Panther Automated Assay Consolidation Molecular Testing System

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Hologic Panther Automated Assay Consolidation Molecular Testing System.

Used system, in good condition. Appears to power on when plugged in: lights illuminate when powered up. Will require a PC to get it fully functional, currently does not have PC/software connected to the system.

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Items Not Included:


Hard Drive (or any associated software)

Power Cord

More about this system from the manufacturer:

"The foundation for assay consolidation, future scalability and growth

Add the Panther system to your lab and the capability to consolidate menu on a fully automated system, load samples in any order at any time, eliminate batch constraints and decrease turnaround time.

Labor savings

  • Broad assay menu on a single platform allows consolidation and the ability to run more tests per full-time employee
  • Full automation allows samples to be loaded at the end of the day and run labor free after hours
  • Ability to run multiple test orders from the same patient sample at the same time expedites results
  • Ability to load primary sample tubes eliminates manual transfer of specimen

Time savings

  • Flexible sample loading provides control over workflow by either random access or batch processing
  • Programmable/automated maintenance allows tasks to run labor free during non-operational hours
  • STAT samples can be loaded at any time, allowing urgent samples to be prioritized
  • Specialized reports to automate tracking and trending of QC and results: Levey-Jennings, Prevalence Reports, Sample History Report, Sample Curve Report and Maintenance Checklist
  • Add on additional IVD menu without disrupting existing workflow

Cost savings

  • Small footprint gives labs the ability to run more tests per sq ft and options for scalability and redundancy
  • Consolidation of platforms helps reduce LIS connection costs and streamline tech training and competencies
  • Consumables designed to reduce waste (tubes vs plate) and included in price-per-test provide transparency
  • Liquid waste is nonhazardous and does not require special handling*QC only required every 24 hours, or with a new kit, reducing time and costs"
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